Anyone for Tennis?

The sun is shining, the bbq has been cleaned and Wimbledon is drawing to a close.

Today is the first day we’ve sat outside and worked, long overdue – yes, but it finally feels like summer (and the phone says it’s set to stay … well for a week at least!) So we suggest you turn on the patriotism and savour the perfect weather!

Whether it’s just a coincidence that our fellow Brit, Andy Murray, has been doing particularly well, or we’ve taken to a sudden obsession with tennis, our eyes have been permanently glued to the box over the last 11 days! But it’s not just the tennis we’ve been watching…..oh no! Fashion, celebs and royalty seem to go hand in hand with this sport (along with a strict players dress code and pricey tickets), and if the cameras aren’t on the tennis, you bet they are chasing the tennis star’s wags! (Did you know that Wimbledon was first televised in 1937 – well you do now!)


So today saw Germany vs France in the ladies singles final, and tomorrow Serbia takes on GB in the mens singles. Can Murray succeed Fred Perry as the next British winner of Wimbledon – a mere 77 years later? We’re unsure but boy do we wish we were there!


So with Wimbledon being the oldest tennis tournament in the World, what traditions have been taken forward? A great deal of this tournament’s charm stems from its quirky adherence to tradition (some good, some not so good). We have the rain (oh the rain), since 1922 only 7 tournaments have not been interrupted by our soggy summer weather – typical! Then there’s the all white rule which started in the 1880s when players wore white to mask perspiration (we love this – so smart, crisp and Fred Perry esque!) Next, the strawberries and cream – a long standing tradition at Wimbledon and anyone watching Wimbledon. A fruit which grows in our pastures during the tournament makes the 10s of thousands of punnets consumed at the grounds a lot easier to get hold of than many other fruits! However ….. we can safely say that these traditions have not been carried through to the price of tickets – in 1877 it cost 1 shilling each to watch the mens final (Wimbledon started out with just a mens singles tournament) – today ……. the last time we checked you could grab yourself 2 tickets for OVER £10,000 if you weren’t lucky enough to win some at £135 in any given ballot (one for the TV we think!)

If you’re a budding tennis player and need some tennis whites inspiration – or merely just love the tennis combo – then look no further!….


Now……wouldn’t these wears have been a bit warm to play tennis in???!!


Viginia Wade 1977 – when Virginia won Wimbledon she went to the trouble of combing her hair before the Queen presented her with the trophy – bless!


Karol Fageros – maybe the foxiest woman tennis player of all time after covering up her gold shorts with frilly lace!


If lycra’s your thing then take inspiration from Anne White in 1985 – Anne was told by the umpire to wear something ‘more appropriate’ the next day!


Twit Twoo – Lea Pericoli rose to fame in the 60s more through her on court fashion sense than ability – (but who wouldn’t want that dress!)

Fred Perry

Lastly, but most certainly not least – Fred Perry and Jean Rene Lacoste – ranked the World’s top players at the start of the 1900’s, but also the inventors of ….. the polo shirt, amongst many over tennis attires!

So folks … the beach may be calling but lets get behind our Brit, Murray. Get the BBQ out, stock up on strawberries and cream, gather the family (who knows, the future tennis king could be sat on your sofa!) and cheer on our young Brit – we will be!

And if the strawberries aren’t a winner – why not try your hand at this scrummy recipe afterwards!


We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x

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