Why buy vintage this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, whether we like it or not! The adverts are on TV, festive lights are being switched on and (finally!) the weather has turned COLD … it.is.winter and the quicker we come to terms with this the better! If you’re like us then the unusually warm autumn weather has thrown you off the scent of Christmas putting you weeks behind schedule with your crimbo tick list! It.will.all.be.OK!

Say no to panic buying and spending over the odds on mediocre presents for our loved ones – here’s why buying vintage and getting creative will help you and others have the perfect crimbo!

1. Do you always buy the same kind of present for certain people? Think outside of the box (urghh we hate that saying), does he love whiskey – well why not find him the funkiest vintage whiskey decanter around?


Does she love chilling on the sofa – how about a pretty vintage quilt or blanket (which could also be doubled up as a picnic rug in the summer!)


The list is endless and thankfully these alternative present ideas are quite easy to come across! Vintage fairs, charity shops, antique shops – are all places you could hunt!

2. Get making those pressie tags and sourcing ribbons and wrapping paper! There really is no need to buy everything off the high-street (at crazy prices!). How about making your own wrapping, just like the following:


Use pine needles, foliage, holly, pine cones to spice up your wrapping!


Got an old atlas in the spare room? Use the pages as wrapping paper and add a cute ribbon! Perfect!


The easiest of all … get some funky washi tape and draw a flicker on the top!


Old Christmas cards lying around? Use them as a focal point for your wrapping!


The classic doily – print or hand write a message on them and use double sided tape to put in place. Perhaps tie some string around to give it that extra rustic feel!

3. Vintage is affordable, amazing quality and unique! Hands up if you’ve ever received 2 of the same presents or worse still … bought the same present for your family and friends as someone else did! CRINGE! By choosing vintage you instantly narrow down the chances of this ever occurring AND mostly likely you will be saving yourself a fortune by doing so!

Vintage pieces are still around because they were made with strong materials and fabrics, you only have to compare a dress on the high-street to a vintage dress and you will see the difference in the zip quality, the hems, the fabrics and even the buttons! They were made to last, and boy have they lasted! So go on … treat that special someone to something utterly gorgeous that WILL last a lifetime!


4. Landfill, landfill, landfill! If you are as conscientious as us you will know the problems that today’s World faces with waste! And why contribute when you could in fact be doing your bit (And no we don’t mean by putting the milk bottle in the right bin)! By buying vintage you may be saving it from ending up in landfills and hence clogging up our waste resources! If the World keeps recycling when and where possible there will be less of a demand for new items which use up the World’s energy and resources to create, package and transport.


5. Support local independents! You must have noticed the ‘Buy Handmade this Christmas’ images circling the web, plastered up around cities and in the shops … well this includes vintage! The thought is actually to support local independent businesses rather than actually buying a handmade scarf or pot of local chutney. We have between 30-50 traders at each of our fairs, all who have been approved and checked for quality so we can assure that or fairs are authentic and items being sold hark back to yesteryear! Businesses spend many hours sourcing this stock, just like artisans do making theirs, so when you see us next in town do come down and get supporting creative vintage traders, you will not only be buying some lovely pressies but helping them to afford some for their own friends and family! Lovely!


So … to summarise … by buying vintage for a loved one at Christmas you will be:

Saving your pennies, avoiding any awkward situations of buying the same presents as others, buying something that could last a lot longer than ‘new’ items, reducing landfill, looking create and quirky – who doesn’t want a funky a friend! And finally … you will be supporting local independent business who make a living at vintage fairs – we know we’d much rather be supporting local businesses than multi-nationals!

Go on … buy vintage this Christmas!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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