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This fabulous insight into the 1920s was written by one of our lovely, lovely interns, Beth Elenor. Read on to see what a great job she did! (Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the post, we’d love to hear from you!)

1920's Fashion

Today sees the UK release of a theatrical adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” directed by the infamous Baz Luhrmann (an Australian director, screenwriter and producer also well known for directing Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge amongst others including the tear jerker ‘Australia’!). So what better a day to showcase an era which can only be described as sophisticated and impeccably glamorous, particularly when it boils down to high fashion…….Gatsby fever is well and truly upon us!

The Great Gatsby

Who doesn’t love Leo!

The 1920s is a much loved era. It is an era which is depicted as incredibly beautiful and somewhat awe inspiring by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, “The Great Gatsby”.

Image of the novel

The 1925 Fitzgerald novel – ‘The Great Gatsby’

The Great Gatsby takes the history of the 20s and injects it with glitz and glamour, but to a degree that allows the greatest aspects of the era (we’re thinking the high-society cocktail parties, chandeliers, sequins and sparkles to name but a few) to shine through to the reader. It illustrates what we know to be the ‘Jazz Age’ – a time prior to the ‘Great Depression’ in which jazz music and dance became increasingly popular.

Fitzgerald uses his characters to represent various issues and themes that ran through this era. His character Jay Gatsby opens his home on many occasions for people to embrace elements of the Jazz Age (what a house party that would be!). Additionally, his character Daisy represents the typical 1920s beautiful woman, giving a reliable representation as to high fashion of the 1920s. However … (just to put a fly in the ointment) maybe we’re looking back at the era through rose-tinted glasses as women often had to face cruel oppression from men (BAH HUMBUG – shame on you boys!). We’re hoping the gorgeous Daisy doesn’t suffer too much in the film!

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow as Daisy, The Great Gatsby (1974 film adaptation)

The 1920s can be summarised as a period when the classy and prestigious would display their wealth by hosting incredible social events (oh how we wish we were a fly on the wall at one of these). Attire such as tennis whites, drop-waists, T-bar shoes, and tassels would be showcased, whilst guests would dance and dine the night away.

1920's Fashion

A fab 1920s advert

It’s particularly interesting to consider the excitement that must have surged around these prestigious events, where men and women could dress to a profound manner and indulge in their most enjoyed activities. Personally, we envision the feel good vibes that would have been felt by women in particular, as they prepared themselves for a classic evening where they could feel reputable and beautiful! (Quite a comparison to women of today getting ready before a big night out on the tiles!!!)

1920’s Jazz Age

Do you love the 20s look as much as we do? Why not incorporate some statement jewellery to your evening wear – fab for dressing to the nines or keeping it casual. We love these earrings!


Alternatively, browse online or through vintage stores/stalls and pick out a special little flapper number similar to the beautiful one Katy Perry wore to a charity do! (We just happen to know of some great vintage fairs coming to Harrogate, York, Masham, Scampston and Huddersfield in the next month or two – )

Katy Perry

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x

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