A guide to vintage wedding transport

We’re so thrilled to have the lovely Sophie from Vintage Wedding Day blogging for us this week on all things vintage wedding transport! Over to you Sophie…


So you’re thinking of having a vintage wedding…You’ve found the venue, searched for weeks for the perfect vintage gown, and all the handmade lace invitations are sent. The only thing left to organise is – how will you get around? It may seem like one of the boring decisions you pass to dad so that he can feel involved in the planning, but I would like to show you why I believe the transport you choose for your wedding can change the way your day pans out, and how much you enjoy yourself!


Let’s think about it, as far as I see it, there are four broad spectrums of transport options you can consider:

Traditional – A classic Ford, maybe a Bentley, or for those who are really splashing the cash, a 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Either way, this is seen as the traditional choice of wedding car. Something old, very grand, with a nice, smart gentleman chauffeur in a top hat and white gloves serving you champagne. If sophisticated, elegant wedding is your chosen theme then this is the option for you! There is no doubt these cars are beautiful, and they are the most popular choice for a reason.

Modern – To please your husband to be, you could of course rent a super car. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini. These will set you back a fair bit mind you, but of course, sometimes there is no stopping him…Similarly, you will definitely not be late…!

Retro, Vintage Legends – This category comprises of a number of different options, many of which fall into the VW family. The most popular are the VW beetle, VW Campervan, the classic mini, or the old school vintage bus. These are the icons of their eras, the vintage idols, and of course, it is impossible not to fall in love with them. If laid back vintage wedding is your thing, then this is the option for you.

Quirky – Motorbike and side car, push bikes, steam train, skateboards, rollerblades, segways….. If you really want to do something different, then the sky is the limit! Just be sure to take into ac- count the distance to your reception venue, it may seem like a fun idea, but 45 miles on a skateboard is a long way!

I know it may seem easy to pick one, find one you like online that isn’t too expensive and go with it, and it’s true, 9 times out of 10 that would work perfectly and you will love it. But the reason I ask you to step back and take an extra ten minutes to consider it is that your wedding car is most probably the first place you will ever be alone as husband and wife. And although, yes, to some that may seem a little bit scary, it also makes you realise this needs to be the best car in the world!

lovely cars

Similarly, why should the car take a back seat (excuse the pun), and only be an extra at your wedding?! Any one of the cars in this category provides the perfect setting for some incredibly beautiful, and fun wedding photos, as well as a huge talking point for all your guests. Similarly – unless you choose a super car, in which case, hold on tight – they aren’t very quick, which means that you can potter along to your reception, enjoying your champagne/cider/pork pies (delete as appropriate) and take advantage of one of the only opportunities you will have to sit and breathe as a couple on your action-packed day.


So, seeing as you are a cool, fun loving human being and are already 75% towards your dream, wild flowered, 50’s style vintage wedding, I believe you will naturally choose the coolest and most exciting option (not that I am at all biased…) – the Vintage Legends. Any of the cars in this option are perfect for this type of wedding, but if you need some more inspiration, check out our website Vintage Wedding Day, where you can hire out ‘Peanut’ the luxury 1964 VW Split-screen Campervan (pictured above), and see how much this gorgeous vehicle can offer you for your big day!

Thanks Sophie … oh how I wish sometimes I was getting married in the North so we could take advantage of such amazing vintage wedding transport like ‘Peanut!’

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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