Lets Upcycle!

We love receiving brilliant blogs from our traders – today’s lovely upcycle blog is written by the lovely Michaela from Miss Chaela Boo and is all about how to create a vintage inspired tea cup pin cushion! We love!


I love a good upcycle project; there’s something so satisfying about giving new life and purpose to something that has seen better days. This project is super quick and is also easy on the pocket; I grabbed a teacup and saucer from a charity shop for £1.50 and everything else came from my craft stash.

IMAGE 1 Miss Chaela Boo - Finished Pincushion with pins

The finished product!

You will need:

A teacup and saucer

Scrap of fabric

Toy stuffing

Fabric glue

Super glue

Needle and thread


Decorative trim, buttons or beads (optional)

IMAGE 2 - Miss Chaela Boo - You will need

Everything you will need!

Place the fabric face down and use the saucer to mark out a circle, add approximately 5cm allowance around the saucer to make the circle bigger. My cup is on the small side at just 7cm across so I only needed a fabric circle of about 20cm across but if you have a larger cup, you’ll need a larger circle of fabric.

IMAGE 3 - Miss Chaela Boo - Making the cushion

Lets get started!

Use a basic running stitch to sew around the edge of the circle of fabric, this will be hidden inside the cup later so doesn’t need to be your best sewing. Gather the edges of the fabric circle by pulling the thread through and stuff with the toy stuffing, add enough stuffing to make a nice bouncy cushion. Draw the thread tight to close up the bottom of the cushion and fasten off.

Apply two lines of fabric glue to the inside of the cup, the first should be along the inside edge and the second one just 1cm lower. Pop the cushion in the cup with the stitched end facing down and adjust to the required depth, I like a nice high pincushion so was careful not to push it in too far.

IMAGE 4 - Miss Chaela Boo - Assembling the pincushion

It’s taking shape…..

You can leave it there or add some decorations. Use the fabric glue again and apply a thin line of glue to the edge of the cushion, then stick on your chosen embellishments.

Allow the fabric glue to dry before finally turning to the super glue to fix the cup to the saucer, gel based glue is great for precision gluing around the base of the cup.

IMAGE 5 - Miss Chaela Boo - Finished pincushion

Ta dar!

And that’s it, barely half an hours work and you have a great new sewing accessory perfect to keep your pins and needles in order and the saucer is great for holding spare buttons!

Thanks Michaela – perfect for you DIY lovers out there! If you would like to guest blog for us simply pop us an email to: hello@nowandthenevents.com – we love blogs on all topics vintage!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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