Royal Baby Watch reaches boiling point

Amidst the UK’s first heat wave for 5 years, (well it feels like that at least), the topic of conversation seems to be ‘when is Kate going to pop?’ With the likes of Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and Kate’s cousin hinting that the arrival was imminent over the weekend, we’re all getting excited and jumping on the #royalbabywatch bandwagon! (Could the ‘been and gone’ apparent due date have perhaps been a deterrent for the World’s media we wonder!)

So, with the doorstep of St Mary’s Hospital Lindo Wing swarming in photographers, news crews, jubilant Brits, bloggers and of course the police in preparation for the Royal birth announcement (and gorgeous baby photos to be had of course), we thought we’d take a look at our Royal family baby photos through the decades (think a glorified family album perhaps!). So royalists, grab a Pimms, put your feet up and leave the men to the BBQ – this is for you!


 Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon – formerly known as the late Queen Mother! How cute (we’d die for hair like that!)


Guess who? Yup you’re right – no one other than our dear Queeny!


And here she is again – what a little character!

Queen Elizabeth

For those of you who weren’t aware – the Queen was Princess Elizabeth when she had Charles in 1947 – here’s the little man!

ff964_130704210311-queen-elizabeth-prince-philip-charles-baby-anne-horizontal-gallery It may not have been the first baby appearance for Princess Anne – but this photo taken in 1951 is adorable!


The Queen Mother and the Queen, baby Charles, William, Kate and Harry! A century of royal babies!


Matching outfits – usually we’d say WHY, but today we’re going to make an exception and say ‘Awwww’!


The hair says it all! And WOW the polka dot and stripy ensemble Princess Diana wears is TOTES AWESOME! We want!

We could go on …. and on … and on, but frankly #Royalbabywatch is calling and we just can’t get enough! Come on now Kate, produce us a baby girl called Alexandra (we’ve lumped on it!)

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x

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