The pin up style – how to get the look!

Ever fancied creating the perfect pin up look? Well fear not … the lovely folks from Corsets UK have only gone and shown us how to transform yourself into the perfect 50’s doll!

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Along with the pristine 50s housewife fashion we’re all familiar with, there’s also something fascinating about the whole pin up style and attitude from the same era. Although the 50s is somewhat known for it’s housewifey, conservative look, the pin up style was also emerging and becoming rather popular. (swit swoo) What you’ll find in the modern interpretation of the pin up may be a bit racier, but in our opinion not necessarily better.

One thing has not changed throughout the years and that is the ideal pin up figure of the small waist and ample bust. To this day, this is achieved by wearing a corset, waist training or accentuating clothes. (Unless you are of course blessed with the perfect figure)


These days pin ups can be found on jewellery, pictures, homewares – you name it!

So how is the 50’s pin up look achieved? (Good question!)

Hair and Make-up: The first rule about pin up hair is that it has to be bold in colour. The most popular colours include blonde, red and black with some going down the two tone dye route. However, that can sometimes look border-line rockabilly (a different look entirely) so do be wary of what colours you chose. Once you have the base colour all put together, it’s time to actually style your mane! It takes a lot of practice, hairspray and backcombing but faux bangs and victory rolls are a must. You can really experiment and don’t forget to add in a headscarf or oversized flower to finish off the look.

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Makeup: When applying makeup it is important to find a foundation that will create a matte porcelain look. You want to use blusher along the cheek bones rather than the apple to create a strong structure. Fake eyelashes and mascara can be applied liberally and pencilling in a strong eyebrow can really help frame your face. To finish off your pin up make-up chose a strong bright red lipstick and lip liner to create luscious lips. (WOW, we just love this – Marilyn eat your heart out!)

Clothes: There are some great websites out there which specialise in the whole pin up look and lifestyle but they can be a bit pricy. (and why pay out when there’s an alternative eh!) Why not come along to our Vintage fairs and rummage through our lovely stallholders stock – you will pick up some gorgeous one-off pieces which….wait for it! ARE ORIGINAL!

Here are a few staple pieces for your pin up wardrobe:

Pencil Skirt- A calf length pencil skirt is easy to find on the high street since they are still very much on trend. The cut of the skirt can really accentuate your curves by making your waist seem smaller, especially if worn with a corset.

Flared Prom Skirt- If you are not as comfortable with wearing a tight pencil skirt, then a classic flared 50’s style skirt can also be part of your pin up look. Make sure to find one which is high waisted.

Pantyhose- A seamed pair of tights is essential when wearing a skirt. The seam on vintage style tights were added in order to make sure it was clear women were wearing a pair of pantyhose. Bare legs or tights without a seam were actually frowned upon and very risqué. So why not stick to the original look and use a pair of authentic stockings?

Corset- Finding the right corset can make all the difference to the entire look. You can wear it on top of your dress with corsets that sit just under your bust or discreetly underneath. Either way you want the design to be quite subtle and feminine by staying away from harsh colours or prints. Just think sultry, like all those vintage pin ups! The burlesque section should be your first port of call.

Good luck achieving your 1950’s pin up alter ego!


We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x

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