How to throw a vintage tea party

WOW It’s July! How on Earth did that happen? But the sun is shining and you can leave the house without a coat! Always a great feeling. But with holidays and festivals to save up for you might be left on a bit of a budget. So how do you fill up your free time? We think throwing a vintage tea party for your friends might just be the ideal way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. So follow our step by step guide and get planning!


The Theme

So you’ve got the time, date and location – you now need a theme. This could be as simple as a vintage dress code. But we think you can be a little bit more creative. How about Alice in Wonderland? Recreate a scene from Emma or Pride & Prejudice? Or go for something completely different, Midsummer Nights Dream for example – everyone loves fairy wings!


The Décor

You have your theme, so how are you going to decorate? It all depends on your budget of course, but you can never go wrong with bunting and pompoms in trees (if you’re location allows!) Your blankets and linen could be colour co-ordinated, or mismatched patterns and fabrics can look equally as lovely. Props are a brilliant addition too! Suitcases, vintage radios, old singer sewing machines, birdcages, piles of dusty books, picnic baskets, flowers, standing lamps even! These will all add quirky charm to your setting.


The Dress Code

Depending on your theme your guests should be encouraged to dress up as best they can! You could make a pinterest board for them to use as inspiration if they aren’t all as into vintage fashion as yourself. Pretty floral frocks are an easy option for girls, and boys can’t go wrong with a bit of tweed! (twit too!)


The Invitations

Yes yes facebook events are easy. But aren’t paper invitations a bit more special! Make the effort and people will know they’re in for a real treat. How about tailoring your invite around a tea bag … your guests will not only be impressed but your creativity won’t go un-noticed!


Food and drink

This is obviously one of your most important decisions. Are you going to keep things traditional with finger food and tea, or put on a bigger spread? A fantastic book for recipes is Vintage Patisserie which Angel Adoree has lovingly created. It’s beautiful and brimming with ideas that go a little further than the classic cupcake. Our favourite is the Lemon Scone with Lavender Cream or the Rose Pannacotta or maybe even the Earl Grey Truffle Hearts or … well we could go on. Being Yorkshire gals, we love a good brew. So we suggest getting making it special by getting a selection of teas from a local supplier or if you’re stuck, tea pigs are always fantastic – especially their Earl Grey! Yummmmm!!!



Presenting your food and drink beautifully on china is a real must! Charity shops are the way forward here with masses of bits and bobs to choose from for less than a few pounds. Or you could ask your guests to provide a set each then mix them all up, mismatching teacups and saucers look extremely quaint (honestly!) Your food should also be sitting pretty on cake stands and silver trays if you can. These things can also be found in charity shops, or ask your gran! And don’t forget teapots. Essential!


The Entertainment

Depending on how big your do is, you might like to book a band or a singer to provide some vintage sounds. But if you’re a small group, a selection of music on an iPod dock will do nicely, making sure it fits in with your theme be it 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s. Spotify is an incredible resource for music, you can create playlists from your phone with ease!


Document your day (really do!)

Everyone looks fab, the setting is gorgeous, your décor is the envy of the park so you absolutely must take as many photos as you can! You could create a montage and send it to all of your guests as a reminder of the wonderful day you all had together! You never know, you might just start a tradition.


So there we have it folks … a perfect vintage tea party! Enjoy!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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