Vintage festival fashion

Glastonbury is over for yet another year! (Boooo) BUT for those of us who have yet to dig out the wellies for the festival season, let’s have a look at what the uber hip wore to this year’s festival at Worthy Park. And while we’re at it, we’ll have a little glance back to the Glasto of the 70s for some vintage festival fashion inspiration too!

The coolest of cool award has to go to Alexa Chung. Wearing a shimmery silver playsuit, hunter booties and a practical barbour slung over one arm this girl knows exactly how to do effortless festival style. And only a girl with her style history could pull off a white polo neck and velvet blazer – kinda reminds us of a certain Mr McCartney from the mid 60s!

alexa coll

The UK’s fashionista of the moment!


The great Sir!

Though Florence wasn’t floating around the stage in custom Gucci for once, she still makes a style impact. Seen here with the talented Sam Smith, Ms Welch can be seen channelling the 70s in a tan waistcoat and fringed leather bag. Not a far flung style decision from this lounging lovely from the mid 70s  – check out that pastel blue eyeshadow too! (Wait…are they granny’s curtains she’s using as a pillow?)

flo collage

Waistcoats 70s style!

If you’re like us and love to use a music festival to splash the colour then you’ll be feeling what these ladies are rocking. On stage, Lily Allen donned Vivienne Westwood and off stage we see her wearing a rainbow shirt, classic denim shorts and some very funky hair. Lana Del Ray kept a 90s tie dye dress as the talking point. Then there’s Eliza, a girl after our Gina’s heart in this colourful co-ordinating 2 piece. Three very vibrant but contrasting uses of colour!

colpour collage

A splash of colour!

Moving onto accessories … Ella Eyre (who we had the pleasure to bump into at last years YO1 Festival) dons circular sunnies to complete her delicate vs grunge outfit. Not a far cry from this 70s festival goer on the right, but with much, much better hair! (Unless you’re a fan of Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno’s doo – who we must just say were AMAZING – we digress!)


It’s all about the sunnies!

The festival has exploded in the past 40 years with an attendance larger than that of Reading and no doubt, it will continue to grow. But we will always think of hippies, flares and headbands when we think Glastonbury … oh and MUD!

old glasto

Glasto in the 70s!

Finally, before we leave you we couldn’t miss out the formidable, quirky, bubbly country lady Dolly Parton – not only for her stage presence, songs and THAT duo with Richie Sambora, but for her dazzling white ensemble, iconic hair style, high heels and rumoured rhinestones or ‘stones’ as she describes them in her hair to make her be seen easier on stage! We loved sofa dancing to 9-5 and wailing ‘I will always love you’ at the tv towards the end … what were your thoughts?

Peace and love – here’s to the next summer festival!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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