Russell and Brown’s Step by Step Vintage Hair Tutorial

Our fab friends over at Russell and Brown’s Vintage Hair have kindly adapted a super vintage hair tutorial on the perfect vintage hair style for any summer shin dig especially for you lovely lot – fascinators at the ready? LETS GO!


Summer’s here and party season is upon us – follow these easy steps in our vintage hair tutorial to create the perfect fourties hair-up, complete with a chic chignon roll to make heads turn at any event.

What you’ll need: Sectioning clips, strong hold hairspray, a soft bristle brush, plenty of Kirby grips and hair pins, curling tongs or wand and your favourite vintage fascinator or hair accessory to finish the look!

Step 1: Section the hair starting with an oblong on top of the head from crown to hairline. Then section an oblong on each side of both ears, leaving a large back section from crown to nape.


Step 2: Curl the top oblong section forwards and two side sections on either side of the head.


Step 3: Clip the curls from the top section to the head and allow to cool completely. Then twist the curls from each side panel section into small buns and clip to the side of the head.


Step 4: Moving to the back section of the head, lift up a fine slice of the back section hair above the head and back-comb from midlengths to roots as shown, this gains both height and volume around the back of the head. Continue to back-comb the entire back section slice by slice.


Step 5: Collect all the back combed hair and smooth over the outside layer with your soft bristle brush, being careful not to take out your back combing and form into your chignon shape by curling the hair underneath itself to create a large barrel at the neck and securing with Kirby grips and hair spray.

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Step 6: Once you’ve secured your chignon roll at the back, release the curls from each side panel. Take a small piece from each side of the chignon at the bottom of the hairline and cross over to the opposite side, creating a ribbon like effect. Secure these pieces discretely with Kirby grips and spray.


Step 7: Take each remaining curl from the back two side panels and roll up, pinning each curl flat to the back of the head as desired, and spray as you go to secure.


Step 8: With the front left hand section continue to roll up each curl and pin flat to the head as before, working round from the back to the front of the head.


Step 9: Take the barrelled top section and the front right hand side section and combine the two by sweeping together across the top of the head, to form a large victory roll. Secure this on top of the head with Kirby grips and spray. If you have a side fringe, sweep to one side and secure with Kirby grips.


Step 10: Now to customise you Russell and Brown’s Vintage Hair style, fix your favourite fascinator to the front of the head and secure with pins! Why not visit our website to see the selection we have available currently on our online shop!


Thanks so much guys … we can’t wait to try this one at the races! If you’re from the Liverpool area we HIGHLY recommend Carl and Amie at Russell and Brown’s for any vintage hair style! They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Hair By: Amie Russell and Carl Brown (Directors: Russell and Brown’s Ltd.)

Photography: Ben Roberts

Model: Jasmine Rooney

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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