Vintage at the Oscars!

Lets talk vintage and Oscars!

Here’s another lovely blog by our fab girls Emma and Gina, good work gals!

In 1927 The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences made the bold decision to reward the best movie, director and actor of the planet. An ambitious idea? Yes, because the award wouldn’t only be a “trophy”, but a symbol too.

So in 1929, during the first ceremony Margaret Herrick, an employer of the Academy, unintentionally nicknamed this gold figure of excellence. “Oh my Gosh, it looks like my uncle Oscar!” she screamed – and The Oscars, as they have become, were born.


Norma Shearer receiving her best actress Oscar from Conrad Nigel for her role in The Divorcee at the second ever Oscars!

Glitz and glamour were the staple dress code for The Oscars from the very beginning as shown by Norma Shearer above! Award season is prime time for couture fashion, especially vintage couture. Stylists and celebrities alike are saving their best vintage designer finds for the very best red carpet. But as well as the true vintage finds, we would really like to see some vintage inspired gowns this year too, how are fashion houses bringing a touch of the past to their 21st Century designs?  And it’s not all about the dress. Vintage accessories, jewellry and details that are perhaps a little outside the box are always a pleasure to see on the red carpet. Personally I (Gina) always love seeing a bit of Charlotte Olympia more than your classic Chanel. We can only wait and see! Until then, let’s look back  to some of the vintage fashion highlights from past Academy Awards:

PicMonkey Collage1

Presenters Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wait backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre during the 1956 Academy Awards | A beautiful Amy Adams in a luxurious vintage dress | Elizabeth Taylor walks through a crowd of admirers at the Oscars in 1961 — the year she won her first Academy Award, for her role in Butterfield 8 | A smiling Michelle Williams on the red carpet during 2009’s Oscars

PicMonkey Collage2

The one and only Audrey Hepburn cradles the Oscar she won for her role in Roman Holiday | Penelope Cruz in vintage Balmain, 2009 | Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino durinh Oscars 2011 | Television actress Sandra White laughs while arriving late at the 1953 Academy Awards

 If you just can’t wait for the big night or maybe you and your friends are doing an all-nighter with an Oscars Party and need some inspiration? Either way, have a little look below at some of these gorgeous frocks and vintage photos, they will transport you back to the beginning of all that was classic Hollywood.


It’s all about nipping in at the waist!

For easy to achieve vintage glamour, create an hourglass silhoutte with a nipped in waist and big 50s Dior style skirt, complete with petticoat.

PicMonkey Collagge

Pearls, white gloves, fur stoles and diamonds were the very basic accessories for the screen sirens of the 20th century. (And of course, make sure your man dons a tux!)

But of course, it’s about the cinematic history in the making, not the stylist and gossip columns. So if Amy Adams and Christian Bale don’t run away with the Best Actress/Actor for American Hustle I (Gina) will kick off! Oh and Michael Wilkinson to win Costume Design for the same film. My goodness! 50s glamour? Pfft! The 70s knew how to do glamour! If you vintage lovers don’t know what I’m talking about, you must must see this film! (But I’ll still have my eye on Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, that girl gives good dress.)

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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