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Happy New Year from us at Britain Does Vintage!

We hope you’ve shrugged off 2013 and are ready for a fantastic 2014, we know we are!  2014 sees us welcome a lovely new member of team, Gina (the fabby author of this post)! We think it’s pretty savvy, we’d love to know your thoughts!

 Love them or hate them, the January Sales are still in full swing with big red signs all over the high street trying to grab your attention.  If you’re into vintage, you certainly have the upper hand, you’re already used to rummaging through busy rails and having your keen magpie’s eye at the ready.  So we’ve decided to have a little nosey at what’s on offer on the high street and in the world of vintage to give you a head start!

 But first. We have a few rules for you!

What do you need?
If you already have 3 faux fur coats, come on, do you really need another? I don’t care if it’s 50% off! Put it down!

Oh I love those pink coats!
STOP. Trends die as quickly as they burst onto our fashion radar, that pink coat that’s looking like a bargain right now might not look so savvy a purchase next winter.

     Wear sensible clothes (and underwear!)
Nobody likes untying and tying their shoe laces at the best of times, so forget the brogues and pop on the ballet flats. Same goes for frocks, don a jersey smock not that fancy button up 40s number. You’ll thank yourself 4 hours into the day and 7 changing rooms later!

    Stick to a budget.
If you got £X for Christmas, then shop within your means. Don’t go overboard. You’ll regret it. This especially applies online! It’s easy to feel like you’re not spending real money. But believe me (and your landlord). You are!

Oh go on then.
Coming from a vintage lover, I do love a ridiculous 70s maxi disco dress or two. So if something sparkly catches your eye and you LOVE it AND it’s crazy cheap (but you’re not entirely sure where you’ll wear it) then just go ahead and risk it. Hey, you might surprise yourself with when you decide to throw it on, after all, fashion is fun.  TOP TIP: WE ARE COW VINTAGE have an array of Christmas knits in their sale for £5 a piece! GO!

 If you’re a high street shopper through and through but love the retro look I’ve done some of the hard work for you. I’m a complete sucker for ASOS and their amazing next day delivery for £9.95 FOR A WHOLE YEAR. Addictive. So I figured I’d do a bit of searching for you and found a dress to suit each era and of course, they’re all in the sale.  So use these as a starting point, you might stumble across something similar.

Decades of Vintage Dresses

ASOS for a quick fix

It’s still irritatingly chilly and we’ve yet to see the snow! But I just know that vintage always delivers when it comes to keeping us cosy! Big aran jumpers, cable knit cardis, not to mention faux and not so faux furs. Rokit was my swoon moment today, I couldn’t help but put two coats down here for you from them. Vintage coats are harder to find in good condition, so definitely check the high street and vintage reproduction sites like Collectif. In the meantime,  check out these bargains.

Warm up in Vintage Style

Warm up in Vintage Style

But enough with the freezing temperatures please! Looking forward, I can tell you now that pastels will still be big news in Spring, let’s face it, those sugary shades make us feel all fresh and ready for the sunshine (we wish) so while I was browsing the vintage internet world, I picked out a few pretty pieces for you too.

Let's Pastels!

Hot Hot Hot!

Now, before I wish you good luck on your shopping spree, I shall leave you with one last sale top tip. These M&S heels are the shoe. I bought three pairs. They are so feminine, a sensible height and incredibly easy to wear. They come in red too. Perfect for all the vintage girls out there who need a 40s/50s style shoe for their authentic getups, or who just need a comfy ladylike shoe for the office. Honestly, I wouldn’t go on like this if I wasn’t absolutely smitten with them. And for £15. Kerching.

Shoe to show

Every girl needs a pair of these (or two)

Let us know about your sale steals over on  Facebook and twitter!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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