Vintage homes and housewives!

We at Britain Does Vintage are forever chatting about all things vintage, and recently our conversations have been dominated by cute vintage homewares, vintage linens, upcycling and gorgeous kitchenalia!

With this in mind our new intern, Gabi, has conjured up a super guide to the Vintage home – budget or no budget this is for you!


The beauty of the vintage home is that it never goes out of fashion and it can always be modified – some new wallpaper here, touch of upcycling there et voila a brand new vintage look for you and your family and friends to enjoy!

Past decades have always provided inspiration to current decades for hundreds of years so the term vintage, although it technically describes wears back to the 20s, is a term/concept/idea which originated many moons ago! To create the perfect vintage home it’s great to keep this in mind so you can create a style truly individual to you, but with various vintage aspects and styles involved. Who’s to say your home has to fit with a certain era we say – as long as you love it then that’s all that matters! (but of course mixing 20s with 80s may look slightly strange!)

Your vintage home on a budget…

Want a vintage look for your house but working from a budget? Then fear not – this is TOTALLY DO-ABLE!

Taking inspiration from the ‘oh so creative’ and vintage loving Kirsty Allsopp, get into the spirit of all things DIY! Kirsty is known for transforming homes into handmade havens and is regularly coming up with innovative ideas! Up cycling is a very popular way of creating a new look around the home, it’s cheap and it’s a super way to reinvent a tired looking unit into something WOW!

kirsty allsop

Kirsty is the Queen of up cycling!

Everyone seems to have jumped on the bunting bandwagon but boy is it still popular! How about using patterned tea towels as a cheaper option to pricey fabrics.  Or better still gather old clothes which don’t fit and get chopping! Buy some funky ribbon and there you have it – great for garden parties in the summer!

View More:

Stunning bunting from our Scampston Does Vintage Summer Festival!

Another great idea is to create your own lampshade! Gorgeous looking shades can be pricey so why not buy something plain, source a sheet of stunning vintage wrapping paper and glue it down – you could even cover the edges with some lace ribbon!

home made lampshade

Fabrics also work really well! Oh so pretty!

Desperately in need for a new dressing table in your bedroom – why not pick up a bargain in a charity shop/community centre. For an original look saw the drawer down the middle (horizontally), paint up and attach it to the wall – decorate further by adding vintage draw handles!


The perfect retro up cycle!

There are just so many ideas floating around…all you need is a creative eye and a free afternoon!

Vintage adverts, wife tales and fab tips from the past!

It’s a rare week when one of us doesn’t spot a hilarious vintage advert! Back in the day when there was little red tape and dare we say it … more freedom of speech, adverts were more risqué yet informative (perhaps slightly too informative as after all pictures do speak louder than words).

Here are some of our favs…


How cheeky!


Pushing the boundaries … or very clever – we’re unsure!

Picture 095_thumb[6]

Number 1 enemy of 1920’s kids – freckles … sadly though a 50cent cream didn’t quite do the job!


We wonder what would happen if Simply Be took this approach! EEEKKK!

It’s not just the vintage adverts which have got our attention – housewife tales are also a super read, however i’m not claiming that these should be taken seriously or are vital for a good home and head space … more for just fun and … who knows … the full moon really may make your hair grow thicker! Here’s a list of some which have got us giggling:

IMG_9868 as Smart Object-1 copy

House-wife tales aside we have picked up on a few fab tips you may just want to give a go … they may … or may not work, but grab your pinny, put on the vinyl and rock your inner 50s!

vintage housewife

  • Use a lemon to wipe hard water marks off your shower.
  • For cutting marshmallows or dates – dip your kitchen scissors in water and cut when the scissors are wet.
  • Drawers that stick – rub a candle along the runners of the drawer.
  • Boiling potatoes – a few drops of oil in a pot will also prevent the sticky ring that forms on the pot from the starches in the boiling potatoes.
  • Meatballs – when rolling meatballs, dip your fingers in a cup of water to prevent sticking to your fingers.
  • When slicing potatoes, hold the paring knife over a gas flame or in boiling water and the potatoes will slice easily.

So that’s about it for today’s vintage home blog – we’ve covered everything from how to create a vintage home on a budget, vintage adverts and essential (or even non-essential) vintage housewife tips! PHROAR now where’s the vino!

We’ll be back soon with more pre-loved inspiration and humbling stories! Alex and Sam x
(and of course Gina) 

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